AES-128 Common Encryption


Our unique method of AES-128 Encryption doesn’t need to prepare any manifest files or key URI.
Encrypted video files can be played only with a player of your account.

● Automatic Encryption

We provide all customers with automated encryption via transcoder in Dashboard.
In order to use this function, please refer to Video Cloud description page.

● Manual Encryption

Please follow these steps below.

1. Download a tool

You need to use MP4Box to encrypt your video files.

MP4Box is a multimedia packager available in GPAC.
GPAC version 0.5.2 and below are compatible with Airbroad Player.

Download GPAC which corresponds to your OS.
Linux    Windows    MacOS

2. Download a xml file

Sign in to Airbroad Dashboard and download the xml file.
The xml file contains encryption keys.

3. Encrypting a MP4 file

The command line is as follows:

MP4Box -crypt drm_file.xml movie.mp4 -out movie_encrypted.mp4