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Player Parameters


You can configure player parameters via flashvars within embed code.

The format of the flashvars property is a string that is a set of name=value pairs separated by the ‘&’ character.

Below is an example of a embed code with the relevant sections highlighted in red.

An example where autoplay and loop are off while playback information is on :

<embed src="PlayerAddress" width="896" height="504" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" wmode="opaque" flashvars="media=VideoURL&autoplay=false&loop=false&info=true">

List of available parameters

Name Value Default Description
media true, false null The Video URL. This is not the parameter to be omitted.
autoplay true, false true Play a video automatically if set to true
loop true, false true Automatically replays the video if set to true
number true, false false Display the number of chunks if set to true
ratio true, false true maintain the aspect ratio if set to true
volume 0 ~ 160 100 Set the initial volume of the player
bar true, false true Show the progress bar if set to true
capture true, false false Show the capture button if set to true
jpg 0 ~ 100 80 Set the quality of jpg captured from video.
start     ≥ 0 null Set the startup latency using number of seconds
auto true, false true Automatically change the resolution of video if set to true
fitscreen true, false false Restrain the resolution of video not to exceed player size if set to true.
This setting is valid only if the “auto” parameter is set to true.
info true, false false Display the playback information if set to true